What We Do


When you need to upgrade your plumbing system, let us know. BDP Services Inc. can take care of any plumbing installation you need. We have experience installing new plumbing fixtures and equipment in both residential and commercial buildings.
Contact us today to schedule your plumbing installation in Lakeside, CA, or the surrounding area.

We're there when you need plumbing repair

When it comes to fixing issues with your plumbing, you want an expert. You can trust us to work swiftly and effectively to fix any plumbing issue you encounter.

How do you know you need plumbing repair? Keep an eye out for signs like:

Unexpectedly high water bills

Water pooling around your toilet or sink

Water stains on your ceiling

A strange taste or smell to your water

Weirdly fluctuating water pressure

Call now to request plumbing repair in or near Lakeside, CA.